About the Band

-Moody x 2 is cree sister duo from Nelson House, Manitoba -Moody x 2 started singing at 9 & 10 years of age. -Moody x 2 was motivated to sing by singing with Buffy St. Marie. -Moody x 2 at a young age sang across North America. -Moody x 2 music is about their aboriginal ancestry/believing and healing. -Moody x 2 sang at the Canada Summer Games in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada -Moody x 2/Natashia Moody was crowned Miss Manitoba First Nation in 2001. -Moody x 2 recorded 3 albums. -Moody x 2 made history by singing Oh Canada in Cree at the Toronto Blue Jays game in 1999. -Moody x 2 sang the national anthem at the World Juniors in Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada -Moody x 2 graduated from high school -Moody x 2 shared the stage with, Tom Jackson, Susan Auglugark, Kieth Scola and the wild band of Indians, Highway 101, Black Hawk, Little Texas, Honeymoon Suite and The Stampeders. -Moody x 2 took a leave of absence from their music to try different things. -Moody x 2/ Natashia Moody started singing with a band called “Driven Under”, later Breaking the Silence and X-Status -Moody x 2/Alexandria Moodie received the International society of poet’s award in 2006. -Moody x 2/Natahia Moody graduated as a License Practical Nurse. -Moody x 2’s message is “it’s never too late for anything”. -Moody x 2’s message is also, “Believe in self and never give up”. -Moody x 2 ‘s different genera’s allows for anyone to listen


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